Pet Photography Studio Glenreagh NSW

We’ve been proudly serving the city of Port Macquarie for over 4 years and now we have recently move into beautiful township of Glenreagh

Here at JJF Photography, we understand that your pets are much more than a companion, they’re apart of your family. You love and cherish them. Let our pet photography studio capture your pet and their unique personality with our professional yet natural approach.

Honoring your furry friend with an array of beautiful photographs will not only provide you with a lifetime memory, we believe it’s a missed opportunity not to be missed. From their younger years to their elder days, we can capture your pet’s personality throughout all the different stages of their life.

Hire a pet photography studio that you can trust

if you’ve been trying to find a pet studio photographer who you can trust, your search is over. We’ve been proudly serving the city of Port Macquarie for over 4 years now and we have recently moved to the beautiful township of Glenreagh, and with our natural love for animals can be seen in the high – quality photographs we provide our customers.

Provide your pets with a quiet and relaxing experience

Most pets that are brought into a new environment are naturally inclined to feel some anxiety. However, when you bring your pet into our studio, they’ll enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere with no major distractions. Our past customers have always been impressed with how calm their pets act in our studio. How do we do this?

Beside providing your pets with a stress-free environment, the process begins by providing them with a brief period of time to get comfortable with the area. By doing this, we’re able to capture your pet’s personality in their most natural state and deliver the best pictures possible.

View our Pet Photography Gallery for samples of our work.

Contact our studio to make an appointment, and let’s get started. Our pet photography sessions start at $70.